Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Been thinking a lot recently about the next step on from n:GAGE and what that should look like. The sessions are two hours and split into two halves. Firstly there is the "social" part involving lots of chat, pizza, coke and cake in that order followed by a time of worship/prayer/testimony/sharing in a different part of the building. n:GAGE is weird because it brings together young people fresh from the estate with no church contact with young people who have been brought up in church for years. Quite honestly, every text book I have come across as part of the degree says that it shouldn't work and yet it does. The books aren't always right you know!
It strikes me as an animal that has elements of mission, disciplship and worship about it, but what does that mean for the continued development of the faith of the young people who go to it. What should be the next piece of track that is laid down on the train journey to Christ? We keep praying for guidance.
By the way, the photo above (along with the one that heads this blog) is my favourite of a number I took with my new Samsung G800 mobile on a recent trip to Hayling Island. I now have a Flickr account with lots of others on (but surprisingly none of the car!). I've been trying to link it to this blog but I'm having trouble, so the photos below are from someone elses. Check my Flickr out here.

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